How to Use the Golden Ratio in Photography

You can find the golden ratio everywhere in nature, from a nautilus shell to the waves of the ocean. Even parts of the human body and our DNA follow the golden ratio. By using the golden ratio, you can create a photo that is more pleasing to the eye in a natural way. What Is […]Read More

How to Capture Great Photos in Low Light

Shooting low light photography can be incredibly. It requires you to use new skills that go beyond your camera’s Auto Mode. Sounds intimidating, But don’t worry. We’ll show you the camera settings, extra gear, and techniques you need to capture great photos in the dark. Types of Low Light Visible These are the dark areas you’ll find […]Read More

What Is Shallow Depth of Field

We spend a lot of time as photographers trying to get our images in focus. When an image comes out blurry, we hit the delete button so fast that we barely look at the composition. But not all images need to be sharp from front to back. Sometimes, an image is more beautiful if some parts […]Read More

Tips to Create Magazine-Worthy Interior Photography

The gorgeous interior photography shots you see in magazines may seem impossible to achieve as a photographer, but they’re not! Let’s dive in and walk through these twelve tips. You’ll start creating magazine-worthy interior photography in no time! Focus on the Details Have you ever photographed for real estate listings? Then you may have gotten a taste […]Read More

How to Use a Beauty Dish to Create Beautiful Lighting

I love using beauty dishes. They’re my favourite lighting modifiers because they produce awesome results. They can be picked up with a lighting stand and grid for less than $70. You will notice the difference immediately. What Does a Beauty Dish Do? A beauty dish is a light source which is often used for portrait and fashion photography. But you don’t […]Read More

A Practical Guide to Shooting Star Photography

Night photography can lead to some amazing images. But photographing stars can be tricky. In this article, we will cover the different types of star photography and the gear you might need. We’ll cover camera settings, finding a location, and setting up your shot. We use some specialised terms when talking about astro photography. Check out […]Read More

Secrets for Night Street Photography

There’s something about street photography that’s exciting. It’s the appeal of capturing that right moment. When you combine that with the mystery of night time photography, it’s no wonder night street photography is so popular. But this is also one of the more types of photography to get right. The reason for that is the lack of light, making photography […]Read More

How to Set Up Your Home Photography Studio

Many photographers dream of having their own studio to practice their craft. Now you must be wondering, how can I make a photography studio at home. Well, what if I told you it’s easy to get started? Here are some tips on how to set up a low-cost photo studio at home! How Do You […]Read More

The Photographer’s Guide to Hand Poses

I hear most during any portrait photography session is about hand poses. And it’s usually accompanied by a nervous laugh. What do you do with your hands in a picture? Hand poses can make or break what’s otherwise a great portrait. Getting those hand poses right can be tricky to do and tough to communicate. Give the Hands […]Read More

How To Use a Fill Light for Perfect Photos

Have you ever tried taking a photo of someone and ended up with a silhouette, instead? Then it’s time for you to learn about using a fill light. As the name implies, it fills the dark areas with light, so you end up with a correctly exposed image. Want to learn how to use fill light […]Read More