Where to experience the Dutch Golden Age in Amsterdam

Amsterdam simply bulges with culture, cuisine, and hot pink windows yet right now the city is glowing with the shine of the Dutch Golden Age. Roughly spanning the 17th century (The Golden Age is officially dated) this was a time when the Dutch ruled the waves and Amsterdam saw a glorious explosion and culture. To celebrate the […]Read More

Top ice rinks from around the world

It may be chilly outside, but don’t get too comfy on your sofas just yet. What better way to celebrate the seasonal changes than by drawing figures of eight on ice? So dig out your earmuffs, a sturdy pair of gloves and get your skates on. Rideau Canal Skateway, Ottawa, Canada The Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa […]Read More

A Budget Ski Break In Zakopane

Poland doesn’t have lots of mountains, but they make the most of it in Zakopane, nestled at the foot of the Tatras. This popular, around two hours south of Krakow is an appealing mix of chocolate box quaint, accessible ski slopes. Add low prices and Zakopane makes for a value for money ski break that […]Read More

Top things to see and do in Samoa

Samoa is the place to go to fly and flop on powdery, blindingly white beaches with towering palm trees dripping into mirror calm turquoise tropical seas (your quintessential childhood image of the South Pacific) but also to discover a traditional way of life called Fa’a Samoa (The Samoan Way). Understanding Fa’a Samoa (The Samoan Way) Fa’a Samoa (The Samoan Way) is […]Read More

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The streets are still quiet in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, and the market stalls still bare. The many churches along the street have their doors open wide with suited men and women popping in and out before work. As I raise my lens towards the yellow-orange paintwork of the neoclassical Courts of Justice, a passing […]Read More

Gastein and Grossarl two ski valleys in Austria

Gastein and Grossarl are a pair of gorgeous and very different winter destinations barely an hour’s drive from the divine easy-to-access Austrian city of Salzburg and its airport with regular flights. And they are home to three ski areas, all very close together. Bad Gastein/Bad Hofgastein Gastein is the big one, linking the classic spa town […]Read More

Hiking and star gazing in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

La Palma is the most North Westerly of the Canaries and is distinctive because it’s been relatively untouched by mass tourism. There are only a handful, the beaches are black and because of its position in the Atlantic, it attracts more cloud and rain than the others. However that also makes it the greenest with […]Read More

Travel Guide to Toulouse, France

Deciding that France is the country that is your next destination shouldn’t be difficult. Filled with abundances of charm, culture, colours and cuisine there are always tons of things to choose from. Paris has the romance and Bordeaux has its wineries but there is one place that has often been overlooked until now, France’s fourth largest city: Toulouse. About […]Read More

On safari in Malawi, Africa

The first time I heard a lion roar, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. It wasn’t fear, as I felt completely safe: it was the combination of surprise and sheer delight. In Malawi, such moments are not infrequent. That doesn’t make them any less special, but it’s a definite reason […]Read More

Travel Guide: Top things to see and do in Lapland,

Lapland, located in the northernmost part of Finland in the arctic circle, is famous for its magical Northern Lights and being the home of Santa Claus. This is especially true during the winter months when this frosty tundra is covered in a thick layer of glittering snow that blankets the pine trees. However Lapland is not just a place to […]Read More