Renzo Piano Has Redesigned a Bridge in Italy

It has able-stayed Morandi Bridge partially collapsed over the Polcevera River and valley in Genoa, Italy, tragically 43 people. Neglected structural faults in the prestressed concrete that surrounded its stays were deemed the cause of its failure during a heavy rainstorm. The bridge was an integral connector in the flow of intercity, regional, and international traffic, and […]Read More

A New Garden Grows Within New York City Building

In elegant European capitals such as Copenhagen and Rome, great residential buildings were often anchored around airy private courtyards. However, in space-starved New York—which saw Frederick Law Olmsted’s Central Park as a sort of public courtyard—prime real estate was rarely so generously parceled out. But there have been notable exceptions: like William Waldorf Astor’s the Apthorp by […]Read More

See Inside an American Couple’s Dreamy Paris

For this San Francisco–based couple, a place in Paris was always a dream. It all began with a year the wife spent abroad during college, when she met her current husband. Fast-forward to today, and walking into this light-filled, top-floor apartment is breathtaking. With stunning views of both the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower, this […]Read More

Embassy Design: Building Around the World

The architecture of diplomacy balances and openness. As symbols of protection and representation, embassies are built for utility in both urban and rural contexts alike. At their core, they are also made to communicate the values and ideals of nations as welcoming structures and sustainable civic spaces. Today, modern embassy projects are made to meet rigorous […]Read More


There is nothing I find more satisfying than reusing something unwanted to create something practical. This Monster Tote bag is made from an unwanted cushion cover that has seen better days. The fabric was still good but the design a bit tired, so rather than throwing it away, I put is aside for the right project to […]Read More


Today’s Halloween Craft idea is brought to you by Emma, who has recently discovered that she loves making slime after we were sent a package of products to try from Elmer’s. After lots of slime making experimentation, she had the great idea to make some green glitter slime with eyes in it – perfect for Halloween! I […]Read More


It’s a fun time of year, and I don’t mind showing a little spooky pride on my front door. If you want to welcome Trick-or-Treaters to your doorstep this Halloween, creating a Halloween Wreath is an easy place to start. This Halloween wreath can be anything you want it to be, and it can be […]Read More


Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! It seems the internet can’t get enough of pumpkin crafts! I’ve seen all sorts of clever variations on pumpkin decor, including crocheted, knitted and fabric pumpkins, as well as beautifully painted pumpkins for Halloween and Fall decorating. Well, not to be out done, I thought I’d put my own recycled twist on […]Read More


Craft up some adorable Halloween Bats from recycled toilet paper roll tubes. Don’t be fooled by their scary fangs, these little Vampire Bats are wearing bow ties and ready to party! Decorate your home with a whole colony, and hang them right-way-up or upside-down, just like real bats! Make just one toilet paper roll bat or a […]Read More


Dressing up as a witch is always a popular costume choice for kids at Halloween. Now you can add some extra fun to a homemade witch costume with a DIY Witch Nose made from a humble egg carton. If you are looking for a quick and easy Halloween craft project idea, this fun recycled egg carton witches […]Read More